Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Creepers are Getting Craftier

I love Minecraft, but sometimes the game just seems to hate me. The living scourge of the Minecraft world that is known as the Creeper, has the notoriety of blowing up your precious creations and limbs when you least expect it. Well, I was on my private Minecraft server and I decided to do a little solo exploring for resources. I ventured off in a random direction and found a nice, small cave loaded with coal and some iron. By the time I was done mining, it was night time. Just to play it safe, since I suffered from some fall damage, I decided to hole up in the small cave for the night and just chat with my friends on the server. When morning came, I left my temporary shelter and headed towards the mouth of the cave. When I got there, a creeper dropped down from above the cave and right before me. The worst part is, it gave the shortest hiss I have ever heard and blew up before it hit the ground. My jaw hit the floor.

1 comment:

  1. Great read. Creepers don't mind waiting as long as it takes for you to poke your head out just for the pleasure of blowing it off.