Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So many things to do, so little attention span...

Don't you just love warming up to new websites? Being new to Blogger, I decided to get my page set up and post something. Sounds like a quick and easy task, right?

The process I went through just to post something:

-Began typing nonsense, which I soon deleted.
-Looked for some page templates.
-Decided that I should possibly finish my post first.
-Typed in a nice, well thought out paragraph.
-Played Garry's Mod for an hour or two.
-Ate a bowl of cereal and watched some televised programming
-Type some more stuff into my blog post.
-Read some web comics.
-Delete most of the content in my blog post.
-Checked out my Blogger settings.
-Bathroom break.
-Typed more words into my blog post.
-Deleted the everything typed in my post.
-Stacked crap lying around on my desk.
-Applied a new template to my page.
-Listed the things I did before I could finish this blog post.


  1. Interneting is hard work... anyway, I like your font style and color. Good job on it.

  2. Thanks, I'm just starting out really. I was kind of worried that the font may be a tad hard to read.